Let me say this.

I don’t want to hear any more talk about whether or not George Floyd was writing a bad check.

First of all, he wasn’t.

Second of all, even if he was, that doesn’t justify him being murdered in cold blood on the side walk.

The immediate search for flaws of Black victims of police violence is a racist knee-jerk reaction from many (good) people. Those people lack the insight to see the deep racism in the behavior.

But that’s another post for another day.

Today, I and other Black people are in acute pain. We are tending to the deep trauma living in this racist country has inflicted on us, and continues to inflict on us in real time.

Given all of that, on this day, I do not have the strength, inclination or mental reserves to argue with racist “friends” and followers on my social media accounts.

Instead, I offer a simple request.

Unfollow me.

Unfriend me.

Just leave me alone.

If you want to defend any aspect of the cops behavior, save your breath and unfriend me.

If you think I’m just a “race baiter” or you’re “tired of hearing about race”, kindly delete me from your friend list.

If you can’t bother to be upset by, speak out about, or worse yet, you don’t even know the basic facts of what happened to George Floyd or any of the other countless Black people murdered in cold blood by racism, unfollow me immediately.

You clearly don’t get it, don’t care to, and are part of the problem.

And that means you are toxic to me and the ones I love most – by definition.

So proceed with hitting “unfriend”. It will save us both time.

I will come up with a sanitized, watered down, palatable response to this scenario soon enough. Just like I and other Black people always have to in order to have a chance to be taken seriously.

I can’t bring myself to play the game today.

I refuse to.

I’m angry.

Feeling the same way as me? Do you disagree completely? Let me know in the comments below. Let’s discuss!

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