“There is nothing we could tell our children that would have saved that man’s [George Floyd’s] life” -Van Jones, just now on CNN.

This is true. This is why white parents HAVE to teach their children to not be racist. Actively. Intentionally. Or the system will persist.

We need you now.

And you don’t get to tell me you don’t want to talk to your kids. I don’t want to hear that you are concerned about disrupting their innocence or that they are too young.

Tamir Rice was 12 when he was shot while playing with his toys outside.

Racism robs black children of their innocence. And black parents, like me, don’t get a say.

My daughter doesn’t get the privilege of staying innocent to racism. The world will teach her about it, & early.

And in my worse nightmare as a black mother, I know that it very well the world may teach her it’s lessons fatally.

You “protecting” your child risks the life of mine.

What you are doing by not teaching your child (and yourself for that matter) about racism is saying your and your white child’s discomfort is more important than my brown child’s life.

As a mother, I do not and will not accept that.


And you shouldn’t either.

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